usgladius03 USGladius Desert Legion XII, Thraex XII Tactical Knives

“A man’s worth,” wrote the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, “is […]

bram04 Bram Frank LLC Gunting Bowies

The latest incarnation of an old fave.

12122706_10207986947328037_6858917667056576081_n Delta2Alpha’s “TheMARK” Gear Hanger/Impact Tool

Gear hanger/tablet stand/impact tool.

sting04 A.G. Russell Licensed “The Survivalist” Sting Dagger

John Rourke’s trusty blade brought to life.


KA-BAR “Lake Effect” Ice Scraper

This weaponized scraper actually clears ice, too.


Dirk Pinkerton Claw XLRT

Wicked fighting blade has kerambit-like pedigree.


Survival Sheath Systems Bayonet Holster

Yet another reason to shop with Survival Sheath Systems.


SOG Folding Saw (From Base Camp Echo)

Makes cutting small limbs and trees easy.

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